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  • REAL ESTATE - Purchase and Sale and Donation of Real Estate or rights, cancellations;
  • MORTGAGES - Voluntary Mortgage and debt confession;
  • PROPERTIES - Horizontal Property and changes thereof;
  • HEIRS - Qualification of heirs and legatees;
  • PARTITIONS - Partition of social assets, by divorce and succession;
  • COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES - Incorporation of Companies, (Empresa na hora) and associations, Merger of Companies, Capital Increase and Company Dissolution;
  • HIGHLIGHTS - Recognition of Law and Justification, Fractionation and highlighting;
  • CLEARANCES - Processes to be cleared;
  • RECTIFICATIONS - Rectifications, documentary and tax advice;
  • RENTALS - Lease agreement and Livestock Partnership Agreement;
  • CONTRACTS - Contracts signed by deed or private document, and public instruments;
  • REGISTRATIONS - Vehicle registration, land registration and commercial registration;
  • CERTIFICATIONS - Translations, signature acknowledgments, powers of attorney, certificates (RNPC) among others;
  • CERTIFICATES - Issuance of certificates of documents filed in any Notary or Conservatory;
  • WILLS - Public wills and approval of closed wills and revocations thereof;
  • FRACTIONS AND RECTIFICATIONS OF AREAS - Partition and Rectification of Areas


Salomé Archer Mendes, born in Coimbra, graduated in Law on September 30, 1997, at the Faculty of Law, Coimbra University, was an Auditor of the Ministry of Justice, (Registries and Notaries) between 1999 and 2002 having worked at the Civil Registry Office of Évora, at the Land registry of Beja and at the Notary's Office in Évora.

Between 2002 and 2005 she was an adjunct to the Civil Registry Office of Montijo, was a Notary of the Notary’s Office of Salvaterra de Magos and a Notary of the Notary’s Office of Alpiarça.

In spite of having entered the Public Service with a Good with Distinction classification, she took office as a Private Notary in the municipality of Benavente, on November 11, 2005, undertaking notary / legal functions with relevance in tax, commercial and succession law.

She performs her duties at the Notary's Office of Benavente located at Avenida Dr. Manuel Lopes Almeida 64, in Benavente, and is a faithful depositary of the Public Archive of the now extinct Public Notary’s Office of Benavente.

Currently, you can obtain advice and enjoy the legal certainty from the fact that the notary represents the State, it being under her name that legality control is ensured, the will of the parties is adapted to the law, and the authenticity and public faith of the acts is guaranteed. 

Salomé Archer Mendes.

Law Degree

Salomé Archer Mendes



Always at your service


Avenida Eng. António Calheiros Lopes n.º 28,
2130-015 BENAVENTE 


Monday to Friday  
9:00 am to 1:30 pm  
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm 

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